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The elegance of brown paper

This weekend is my dear friend Dani’s wedding but perhaps more importantly, my first ultra vegetarian-friendly wedding dinner! Catered by Heirloom LA, I was lucky enough to attending the tasting a few weeks back.

Perfect bites, no really!

Kicking off the wedding with inspired tray passed appetizers. The twice-baked potato with crème fraiche are perfectly savory and soft, topped with delicately sharp chives and homemade crème fraiche. But it’s the unassuming yellow disk of lemon polenta that stands out. The chives and wild mushroom ragu atop a crispy lemon polenta cake are an unexpected bite of acidly citrus that is thoroughly addictive!

Pizza or flatbread... all that matters is that it goes in my mouth

The flatbread pizza with roasted vegetables is a mildly smoky mix of my favorite things: vegetables, white bread and cheese. Though the vegetables look over roasted, the ‘char’ brings out the complex sweetness of the onions and cauliflower. The flatbread is good enough on it’s own, but the chef encouraged us to dip it into the fondue for a doubly cheesy decadence.

Melted cheese is like a hot sweaty heaven

The pièce de résistance is the fondue. I’ve eaten an unhealthy share of molten cheese in my life, yet Heirloom managed to present us with two that I’ve never had before: smoked mozzarella and pumpkin parmesan. Served with lightly cooked vegetables and crisp breads I fear missing the majority of the wedding stuffing my face at this station.

One of the most common food sins I suffer through is the overdressed salad. With this in mind, seeing the glistening pile of English pea salad with goat cheese and roasted carrots, I grimaced. Despite the overly wet look of this salad, the fragile leaves of argula retain their farmer’s market crispness.

Chives make everythign better!

The entrees begin with tamales. Five inspired varieties, through I concentrate on the two that matter: chili verde and roasted vegetable with smoked mozzarella. Unlike the fondue, the smoked mozzarella doesn’t infuse it’s richness throughout the corn husked bite. The roasted vegetable –the same assortment that we saw on the pizza and will see again later—are rich and smoky all on their own.

No vegetarian option here...

Empanadas with meat… skip.

Roasted vegetables.... do you sense a theme here...

The roasted vegetables with balsamic rear their head into the meal again. Though by this point I’m exhausted by the reprisal of this “vegetarian” element, there is no doubt that these are excellent vegetables.

For others...

The roasted vegetables are served with some fish roasted with tomato and arugula… skip again.

Ending on a sweet note

Though there are more entrees that will be included at the wedding –like the ‘famous lasagna cupcakes’— we ended the meal with a chicken roullet, roasted potatoes, and roasted yams with hazelnut butter, maple syrup and pietas. The sticky yams are practically candy and the potatoes are tender, a perfect accompanist to more roasted vegetables.

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